Security Guards

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9 Sep 2023

Company Information

A Reputed Group of Company

Security Guards

A Reputed Group of Company



Job Context

  • A Reputed Group of Companies is seeking Security Guards to help protect the property of his Corporate Office, Dhaka. The incumbent will be responsible to safeguard the physical security of the Corporate Office and protect all staff as well as its visitors as far as reasonably practicable from all associated risks. To assist implementing all orders as directed by the Security In-charge or his appointed substitutes. The incumbent must also have a positive, friendly, can-do attitude and be a team player.
  • Type of Position: Full-time, Permanent
  • Working hours per week: 56
  • Working patterns: The Security Section is committed to providing 24/7 service to the office; therefore, duties are allocated as per shifts. Flexible working will not be possible.

Job Responsibilities

  • Guards are reporting to the Security Supervisor. The day-to-day management of the security team will be the responsibility of the Security In-charge. During the period of duty, the guards will be under the direct control of the security shift Supervisor. Guards whilst on duty are subject at all times to the Rules and Regulations of the Company.
  • Guards may be required to act as security Supervisors and to carry out such duties if needed in the absence of a supervisor. Guards are required to know the shift patterns, responsibilities of the Supervisor and contribute appropriately to any difficulties arising.
  • Guards will be assigned objectives and will be required to implement procedures and practices as required. Guards will be required to participate to the best of their ability in any training given to them. Guards will be required to fulfil additional duties as directed by the Security In-charge in addition to those not laid down, as and when required to do so in the course of their security responsibilities.
  • The guard’s period of duty will be designated as per the shift roster and in line with their terms and conditions of employment. Guards will not leave their post until they have handed over to their relief and briefed him on any unusual events. Guards will be punctual when taking over their duty. If a guard’s relief fails to report for duty, the Supervisor must inform the Security In-charge who will then arrange an alternative relief. At no time should a guard leave post without appropriate relief.
  • Guards are to remain awake and alert at all times during their shift. Disciplinary action will be taken if a guard is found to be asleep whilst on duty, inattentive or absent without permission at any time.
  • While on duty, all guards are specifically responsible for, but not limited to:
  • Maintaining a smart appearance at all times. Companies uniform is to be worn at all times when on duty.
  • Maintaining security patrols during day and or night shifts.
  • Ensuring the protection of the Corporate Office buildings.
  • Protection of property within the compounds.
  • Reporting incidents inside and outside of the compound.
  • Ensuring security lighting is functioning as required.
  • Maintaining a detailed security log at guardroom.
  • Covering the Supervisors role in the absence of the Supervisor (leave, illness etc). · Provide additional assistance / resilience where needed in a crisis.
  • Ensuring respective areas are clean and tidy before leaving shift.
  • Maintaining security equipment and reporting any faults.

Employment Status


Educational Requirements

  • Minimum requirement is Class Eight Pass

Experience Requirements

  • At least 5 year(s)

Additional Requirements

  • Age 25 to 40 years
  • Being physically fit, polite, Proactive, smart, self-motivated and enthusiastic.

Job Location



  • As per company rules.

Compensation & Other Benefits

  • As per company rules.

Job Source Online Job Posting.

Published on: 9 Sep 2023


Employment Status: Full-time

Experience: At least 5 year(s)

Age: Age 25 to 40 years

Job Location: Dhaka

Application Deadline: 1 Oct 2023

Applicants are encouraged to submit Video Resume

Read Before Apply

Please note that all the applicants will be required to strictly adhere to the security guidelines for Company.

Applicants who do not have the required qualification should kindly abstain from applying, as their applications will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Applicants are encouraged to submit Video Resume.

*Photograph must be enclosed with the resume.

Apply Procedure

Application Deadline : 1 Oct 2023

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